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About Pegasus Fitness Factory

Welcome to our store

Welcome to Pegasus Fitness Factory! Opened in 2010 and going strong ever since. Based in Leicester on the famous stretch of Braunstone Gate, we are just outside the heart of the city centre. We are an independant business and do not work like the typical commercial outlets, at Pegasus we give you what you want not what we tell you that you need. At Pegasus Fitness Factory we only have one goal and that is to 'GIVE CUSTOMERS THE BEST PRODUCTS'. At Pegasus there are no frills, no over exaggeration, no product pumping ... just the best products at competitive prices, so you will always be a happy customer. We provide Sports, Nutrition, Health, Fitness and Vitamin products for both males and females, so nobody is left out. Our store is not just for 'bodybuilders' or 'gym-goers', it's also for people who want to keep fit, maintain a better body and foremost a healthy lifestyle, so please feel free to visit our store anytime..

What we do


Provide advice on Sports Nutrition, Health Products, Fitness Products, Vitamins and Well Being

Provide Products for both male and female consumers within the Sport,Nutrition,Health and Fitness market

Give free advice on nutrition, training plans,diets and supplementation

Only stock the best products and the best brands

Give customers products they need and not what we want them to have

Endevour to give the best service possible.


Nutrition and Training Support

Pegasus Fitness Factory has extensive knowledge when it comes to diet and working out, we can even help you out by giving you one of our preset workout plans if requested. By helping customers out we offere more than just products, we offer a collective package. If you need help and guidance please email us at and we will be happy to help you reach your goals.

What can Pegasus do for you?

At Pegasus Fitness Factory we can help you to:.

  • Get fit
  • Lose Weight
  • Build muscle
  • Get into better shape

We have a variety of products that can aid in all areas and particularly in those listed above. Let Pegasus help you along the way to get you where you want to be

What other services do we provide?

We are not just a 'protein shop', health foods and sports nutrition is our field but we help you as the customer so much more than that. we provide the following services:

  • Workout Plans
  • Guidance with food and nutrition
  • Help with Training and Fitness
  • Assisting with getting Fitter, Better and Stronger

Let Pegasus help you along your fitness journey and guide you to a better you!

Who can have these products?

Many people thing 'supplements and sports nutrition products' are only for bodybuilders or weightlifters, this is not the case. Anybody can use the products provided they are eligible to do so. People who may use the products are:

  • Males or Females who are into sports and training
  • People who need or require additional dietary products
  • Anybody doing sports or fitness based activity
  • Anybody who is trying to keep healthy and fit

Whatever dietary needs you have or whatever sports or training you do, Pegasus has the right products for you

Nobody ever said no to a better body. Nobody ever will.

At Pegasus we believe in that saying. when have you ever said no to something better than you already have? The answer is never. Everybody wants a better body, let yourself be one of those people with a better body.